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The road to a greener future with Calor BioLPG the fuel of tomorrow

Implementing sustainable business strategies across the value chain has never been so urgent, and FLT fleet managers can play a vital role in helping the UK move towards a greener future, in line with the country’s legislative and environmental ambitions.

To help the UK meet its lower carbon commitments, a new, renewable fuel has been developed: BioLPG, which is available exclusively from Calor.

Building upon the already established benefits of LPG for the FLT industry, BioLPG is chemically identical to conventional LPG but created from renewable, ethically sourced feedstocks, such as organic plant materials, vegetable oil and animal fats.

This means it is a ‘drop-in’ fuel and – as a result – there is no need for you to alter any equipment, appliances or supply infrastructure if you’re currently using LPG for your FLT fleet.

FLTs already fuelled by LPG can, therefore, immediately begin taking advantage of BioLPG and start realising instant savings, with no need for a separate supply chain.

If you are switching from diesel or electric, the benefits will be greater still. Carbon emissions are dramatically reduced with BioLPG, offering an ideal solution for fleet managers looking to improve their sustainability credentials in line with the UK’s legislative and environmental ambitions.

With the exact reduction in CO2 emissions from BioLPG dependent on the proportion of feedstock used, Calor BioLPG offers minimum carbon savings of at least 20 per cent and potentially up to 32 per cent.

This is based on a blend of 40 per cent BioLPG and 60 per cent conventional propane. The potential carbon savings are even greater with a higher BioLPG blend if used in HGVs.

Furthermore, feedstocks used in the production of Calor BioLPG by NESTE are verified with International Sustainability and Carbon Certification.

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