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Crown’s latest ESR 1000 Series reach trucks are smart, powerful and reliable

Crown has launched the ESR 1000 Series reach trucks. The new forklifts are available with lift heights of up to 13560 millimetres, load capacities of up to two tonnes and can optionally be configured to use lithium-ion batteries. Moreover, the new reach truck series includes a variety of innovations: For example, mast-lowering speeds can be doubled by opting for Crown’s Xpress LowerTM technology. Furthermore, the newly-developed Gena® operating system provides the latest ESR 1000 Series with advanced productivity, safety, personalisation and management features as standard. Crown’s preferred approach to optimising real productivity and performance is to help make material handling at our customers’ operations easier, safer and more cost-effective.

“Crown’s recently launched ESR 1000 Series is a reach truck that our operators have come to appreciate for its many innovative features such as Auto Height Select, Capacity Data Monitor and the brand new, intuitive Gena operator experience. In our tests, this new generation of reach trucks has clearly shown what it can do”, says Jan-Peter Wingert, Site Manager at Voigt Logistik, Germany.

New options for real performance and productivity, based on optimised efficiency

The ESR 1000 reach truck series offers new, optional intelligently-connected features that enable operators to work with skill and precision at any height without compromising productivity:

The new optional Xpress Lower function allows faster working at height. This exclusive technology doubles the mast lowering speed to 1.1 m/s, thus enabling up to 21 percent more overall productivity thereby saving both time and money. In addition, the lowering function is regenerative, which means that energy is fed back to the battery when the mast is lowered, increasing the reach truck’s operating time. In conjunction with the e-GEN® regenerative braking system, this can lead to energy savings of up to 11 percent.

The optional Auto Height Select feature enhances precision. Operators can use this automatic, predefined height selector to stop the forks at programmed rack heights. Precise, automated positioning helps to avoid product, rack and truck damage while simultaneously improving throughput. Programming different rack heights for multiple warehouse zones is straightforward. And as the forks rise, the large colour display shows their actual height, alerting the operator once the forks reach the target height.

The Capacity Data Monitor is an equally useful option, giving operators an at-a-glance view of load weight, lift height and capacity limits to ensure that load handling stays within safe limits.

Another option, the Tilt Position Assist feature, compensates for mast and fork carriage deflection, automatically levelling the forks relative to the ground for more precise load positioning. And to give operators an up-close view of rack and pallet, optional cameras can be installed on forks and mast to further optimise load handling and positioning.


The new ESR 1000 Series features Crown’s new Gena operating system

Operators, as well as service and safety managers, benefit from the Gena operating system, newly developed by Crown and appearing for the first time in the ESR 1000 Series. The Gena system is intuitive, customisable and interactive, offering a new and engaging operator experience. It delivers all vital data and information clearly and concisely via a 7-inch colour touchscreen in one of 25 selectable languages. Within their preferred language, operators can also choose from a growing selection of widgets displaying key forklift functions such as operating time, steering angle, speed and battery charge. To cycle through them, or to set favourites, the operator just has to swipe a finger across the display –exactly like a smartphone. The Gena system optimises the forklift’s performance and makes crucial information easy to see, understand and use, helping operators to boost their throughput.

In conjunction with the optional, seamlessly integrated InfoLink® fleet management system, the new operating system provides reliable management data and a broad range of interactive graphical checklists, together with safety instructions. It also makes the lives of service technicians easier by providing advanced diagnostics, including step-by-step troubleshooting, setup and calibration. ESR 1000 Series reach trucks offer full Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity, making it easier for warehouse, service and safety managers to monitor as well as manage their forklift fleet’s productivity and collisions.

Designed to fit the operator

To optimise settings for operation, visibility and workflow, operators can ergonomically adjust the truck’s seat, controls, armrest and display to suit their individual needs and physical dimensions. Crown’s offset clear-view mast provides a better view of the load wheels, forks and pallets. The optional overhead guard with panoramic glass further improves upward visibility while reliably protecting operators from falling objects and dirt. Crown’s tried and trusted Optimised Cornering Speed system is fitted as standard on all models, as is the patented OnTrac™ anti-slip traction control that prevents truck wheels from spinning or slipping during acceleration, plugging and braking – ideal for applications involving wet, dusty or frozen floors.

Three different reach truck models available

Crown’s new reach truck family includes the ESR 1020 with narrow chassis, maximum lift height of 9090 mm, top speed of 10 km/h, and load capacities of 1.4 or 1.6 tonnes. Thanks to an overall width of just 1120 mm, the ESR 1020 is perfectly suited to confined spaces, drive-in racks, block stacking applications and rack aisles only 2.5 metres wide. With an overall width of 1285 mm, the ESR 1040 with standard chassis is a value-packed solution that does not compromise on durability or operator comfort. It has a maximum lift height of 9450 mm, load capacities of 1.4 or 1.6 tonnes, and a top speed of 10 km/h. Finally, the ESR 1060 is designed for high-intensity applications involving heavier loads and lift heights of up to 13560 mm, with load capacities of 1.4, 1.6 or 2.0 tonnes. Designed for higher throughput, the truck is also available with an optional cold-store cabin for applications at temperatures as low as -30°C.


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