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Lifter by PRAMAC supports COVID-19 Vaccine Testing labs

PRAMAC, the Pramac brand dedicated to the Material Handling Division, is providing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, in particular to move materials in COVID-19 Vaccine testing labs in UK.

The solution provided brings together in a competitive, compact and easy to handle product features that are essential for this industry purposes: with its powered Drive, built-in professional weighing technology and stainless-steel exterior that prevents germs and bacteria, the Agile Plus Inox GS/P offers indeed a safe and efficient way of moving materials in these clinical environments.

Pramac offered its support, providing material handling products in order to facilitate logistic and organizational activities, also to a foundation in Siena engaged in a research project of medicines and vaccines against COVID-19.

Pramac is pleased to be able to help those pharmaceutical companies and organizations that are working hard to treat Covid-19.


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