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Month: April 2021

JCB appeals patent dispute ruling

JCB appeals patent dispute ruling

JCB’s patent dispute with Manitou rumbles on with the British manufacturer appealing against a recent French court ruling. On 26th February, 2021 the Paris Court of Justice (Tribunal Judiciaire) found that Manitou was guilty of infringement of some JCB patent claims but not others. JCB had been claiming €190m in damages; it was awarded €150,000 plus €50,000 in legal fees. The case concerns two specific European Patents (the 065 patent and 965 patent) held by JCB for its Longitudinal Load Moment Control (LLMC) system, introduced in 2017. JCB has also brought infringement proceedings against Manitou, again in France, the UK and Italy, for infringement of a further European Patent (the 382 patent). Back in February 2019, JCB was granted a preliminary injunction by a French cou...

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