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15 New Linde’s arrive at Palace Chemicals

A Liverpool-based manufacturer of building products has invested a six-figure sum in a new fleet of fork lift trucks.
Palace Chemicals located in Speke, has invested in excess of £500,000 in 15 fork lift trucks from Warrington-based Linde Sterling, to move more than 200,000 tonnes of building product each year.

Charlie Clapham, Palace Chemicals managing director, said: “Our decision to replace our existing fleet of fork lift trucks was a necessary step for us as a business.

“We move over 200,000 tonnes of product each year, therefore the mechanical handling of such a huge volume is an extremely key component to our business.

“The replacement trucks from Linde Sterling are the latest in cutting edge technology with a superb management system that tracks all movements of the vehicles to ensure that safety is at the forefront of our logistics operations.”

The new trucks arrived earlier this week and feature advanced monitoring technology which encourages increasing safety awareness and improves driver competence. The technology also improves fleet maintenance efficiency by identifying underused and overused forklift trucks, early detection of any damage or minor impacts and advanced fault detection.


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