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Selwood uses QR codes for fleet management

Selwood uses QR codes for fleet management

Plant hire firm Selwood has rolled out a new fleet management system based on QR codes.

Selwood has added a unique QR code to each item of plant that when scanned by a smart phone or tablet opens up a host of supporting documents that could be of use to customers.

Users of Selwood Smart QR can see health and safety, records, service information, daily maintenance checks, inspection documents and other reference information simply by scanning codes on the equipment.

Selwood believes that the system could be especially helpful for contractors on large sites who need to keep track of multiple machines. It also believes that it is the only plant hire provider in the UK to use machine QR codes in this way.

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Future plans include the addition of maintenance tutorial videos for specific items of hire equipment and vehicles. The Selwood Plant catalogue will also include model-specific QR codes for all products in the fleet, enabling customers to access additional information as they browse.

Scott Butler, Selwood’s operations and fleet manager, said: “This is a really smart system that means we and our customers no longer have to rely on paper copies of important documentation and can ensure the information is not lost or damaged.

“Most importantly, it’s simple for customers to use. During trials, customers have told us that it is very straightforward to use and helpful to find all the documentation they need in one place – particularly when there are many machines in use on a site or project.”


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