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AUSA optimizes its production processes to keep up with the times

With this project, the foundations were laid for the new generation of technological and sustainable products.

In recent years, AUSA has launched new products on the market that have led to important changes in the understanding of compact commercial vehicles, such as the reversibility of the driving position in some dumpers, the inclusion of a digital display on the dashboard and the increase of technological components to provide more information to the user and a better performance of the products.

To cope with these changes and respond to the company’s creative process, AUSA had to move forward in time and entered into a redesign and optimization project of its industrial process between 2015 and 2017. This process included significant changes that contributed to the simplification and optimization of production processes, the optimization of inventory, the increase in the productivity of the production plant and the improvement of operational flexibility and the rate of customer service.

Thanks to this project, AUSA laid the foundations for a new generation of technological and sustainable industrial machinery, which has resulted in innovative products such as the reversible dumper, the new range of all-terrain forklifts or the new compact telehandlers.

AUSA, during the years 2015-2017, carried out a redesign and optimization project of the industrial process, which received funding from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, within the Reindustrialization Program and promotion of Industrial competitiveness and file number RCI-010000-2015-141.


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