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Acclaim was the first port of call for SEACON with 13 Hyundai forklift investment


Award-winning Acclaim Handling is a forklift hire sales and materials handling equipment specialist, headquartered in Purfleet in Essex. The company also has six regional service centres across the UK and Ireland and has been a Hyundai forklift distributor since 2012.

Acclaim Handling has recently secured a brand-new customer, leading Shipping and Port company, SEACON, based in Northfleet, Kent. The company has recently taken delivery of 13 new Hyundai forklift trucks from Acclaim Handling in a deal worth in excess of £500K.

SEACON’s new Hyundai fleet comprises two 13000kg load capacity, 130D-9 diesel forktrucks, fitted with Terminal West Carriage integrated fork positioners. Also, four 7000kg load capacity 70D-9’s diesel trucks, which will be fitted with Cascade Intelligent Clamps. Five, 5000kg load capacity 50DA-9’s and one 50DA-9 Container Specification truck. The final Hyundai machine in the fleet is a 30D-9, which is a 3000kg load capacity diesel forktruck.

SEACON is a family owned and operated independent combined shipping and port business within the Port of London. The company began trading in the1950’s and has occupied the Northfleet site since 1989. The business operates its own ships – and transports goods from the near continent to Northfleet for discharge, store and then onward distribution.

SEACON Chairman James Roth reported, “We handle neo-bulk type cargo, comprising coils of steel, units of wood pulp and reels of paper, which are shipped from the near continent and discharged at Northfleet. Naturally, we (SEACON) also offer facilities for other ships – not just our own.

We have just invested in 13 new trucks from Hyundai which is part of a major renewal programme. This includes some elements of upgrading to reflect a slightly different product mix in relation to the goods we handle.”

James added, “The trucks are being used for a mix of different commodities and they will have the range of attachments required. For example, wood pulp requires bale clamps, paper reels need reel clamps in addition to some specialised tissue clamps. For other cargos, such as palletised goods, we would use the standard forks. Acclaim is also sourcing new attachments on behalf of SEACON. Some of our machines already have the necessary attachments – but we are taking the opportunity to invest in some new units.

In total, we have 25 forktrucks onsite which range in size from three tonnes up to 25 tonnes and the Hyundai fleet falls within this size range.”

Why choose the Hyundai brand and Acclaim Handling?

James said, “We were in discussions with some of our traditional suppliers, but I just felt that they weren’t fully committed to securing our order.

I had a contact at Acclaim Handling and in passing, I relayed my experience. At this point, I was not actually aware of the Hyundai forklift brand. Of course, I knew of the construction equipment, cars and shipbuilding – but not the range of material handling machines.”

James continued, “Acclaim treated this as an enquiry, and I can confirm that the company reacted very well! They described the specification and the range of trucks that Hyundai produce, which exactly met our requirements.

They were also able to bring a couple of demonstration trucks to site very quickly, which allowed our team to have a good look over the machines. We were satisfied quite quickly that the engineering of the Hyundai forktrucks was very good, the product was robust and incredibly well built.

Acclaim put forward a good package which represented good value, for both quality and price, therefore we (SEACON) opted to conclude the deal.

As the Hyundai brand was unknown to us there was some trepidation from the operators having worked with competitor’s brands for many years.

However, having the demonstrator trucks on site really helped. Operators and engineers were able to get inside the machines, saw that they were well made, they were comfortable and had the full benefit of good equipment and facilities – therefore they were very well received. The machines tend to work extended days from 7 am to 7 pm and need to be up to the job – the Hyundais are very robust.”

James concluded, “It was really Acclaim’s quick reaction to the enquiry and overcoming the unknown factor of Hyundai. It would be easy to sell us one of the original brands we operate because we have been using them for 20 plus years – but Hyundai had to overcome that which Acclaim dealt with very well. Having engineers onsite talking our fitters through the mechanics of the machinery convinced everybody here that Hyundai is a serious competitor and that the package represented good value.”


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