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Manitou moves into electric


Manitou has launched its 100% electric range. The Oxygen line includes a new aerial platform and a number of telehandler models.

The ATJ 200 e Oxygen is the group’s first electric all terrain aerial platform. With a working height of up to 20m for a maximum capacity of 230kg, the model provides the same performance as a diesel-powered version.

Equipped with a 48 V battery, it can achieve up to one working day on full charge in adverse weather conditions. The low-voltage battery allows technicians to work on it without special certification. With a weight of 7,200kg and a length of 6m, it is also easily transportable. Another engine located inside the turret drives a pump that provides hydraulic flow for all the platform movements. This model can climb at a 45° angle. The reduction in total cost of ownership for the user is estimated at 20% compared to a diesel-powered equivalent, said the company.


The MRT 2550 h Oxygen Lab telehandler is a hybrid prototype version of the diesel MRT 2550 model, capable of operating in 100% electric mode. Retaining the same characteristics as the diesel-powered version, it has 25 m lifting height for a capacity of 5 tonnes.

Representing a new concept for the company is the MT 625 e Oxygen. It is a lightweight telehandler designed to accommodate an electric engine. The cab has also been redesigned with new intuitive operator aids. Natural, contemporary and sustainable materials, such as wood, are also used in the cab, an example of the group’s eco-design policy.

Arnaud Sochas, innovation manager for Manitou, said, ”Players in the construction market are faced with an increasing demand for flexible, low-carbon solutions, especially for urban work sites. With the Oxygen label, the Manitou group wants to provide a concrete response to these needs. Our approach obviously includes electric machines, but our primary aim is to provide a proportional solution tailored to each application. These solutions must be cost-effective for the user, and we are working on reducing their total cost of ownership while at the same time reducing their environmental impact

Responding to mining activity requirements, the company also introduced the high capacity diesel MHT 12330 telehandler at the show. It has a lifting height of 12m, with a capacity ranging from 33 tonne with forks to 36 tonnes with hook. Equipped with a 245 hp Deutz stage V engine, this model also benefits from special protective covers on the work road lights. The controls and cabin are identical to the MT telehandler range, making them easier to use. There is also a substantial range of mining attachments, with a fork positioner (width 2,900 mm) with side shift and a capacity of 33 tonnes to 12 m.


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