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The New Ausa C251H Rough Terrain

Introducing the new AUSA C251H off-road truck. The most advanced, the most technological, the safest and the easiest to maintain. Hydrostatic and with a capacity of 2.5 tons. Everything you need in a rough terrain forklift, but much better.

Shocking and innovative, the counterweight brings together design and functionality. With angular lines that surround imposing openings, it is created for the optimal performance of the cooling system.

Enjoy a cabin with more interior space and a steering wheel adjustable in height and depth for the best ergonomics.

Through the folding cab, the C251H is the truck with the best accessibility to the engine on the market. Familiarize yourself with the lowest maintenance or repair downtimes.

Technology is here to stay.

Control all your movements from the driving seat, but also from your mobile. Access all the information in real time from the digital screen next to the steering wheel: speed, temperature, alarms, sensors … Interact from the cockpit joystick and check the machine’s self-diagnosis.

And control them from the palm of your hand. With your mobile you can know all the information of your machines in real time.

A new low emission engine for a new era.

New efficiency systems for a better tomorrow. A new generation Stage V / Tier 4f engine with 31.2 kW of power for you. Load what you want and forget about the rest.

Save with the EcoMode, the system that automatically regulates engine revolutions to offer the highest power with the lowest consumption. Thanks to this new technology you will reduce effortlessly the fuel used and CO₂ emissions.

The safest truck ever sold.

Both externally and internally, the new C251H is designed with you in mind. Feel the 360º visibility from the driving position, with a 30% increase in the exterior view compared to the predecessor model.

The security revolution. With the Hill Holder system, the vehicle is completely stopped on any slope when lifting the foot of the accelerator.

Three types of cabin to customize the C251H to your needs: open, semi-open and closed.

The new evolution of the Smart FullGrip system allows activating 4×4 traction at the desired time, preventing it from exceeding 10 km / h to increase the TCO of the machine.

Wherever you want and whenever you want.

The performance of the new SUV is spectacular. Allow yourself to turn wherever you want, with an external turning radius of 3040 mm you have no excuse.

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