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New Cat® electric hand pallet trucks take the strain

New Cat® electric hand pallet trucks take the strain

Cat® Lift Trucks has launched a new range of easy-handling electric hand pallet trucks, benefiting fully from this manufacturer’s thorough design approach.

Built to provide an excellent user experience, highly productive performance and a low total cost of ownership, these agile 1.2 and 1.5 tonne trucks are ideal for many applications.

Last year, Cat Lift Trucks introduced innovative forklift trucks ranging from feature-packed order pickers for all needs, through intelligent compact electric counterbalance forklift trucks, to leaner and cleaner large diesel lift trucks. Now the same quality standards and deep thought have gone into something as small as an electric hand pallet truck. In every new product, the designers address three key elements: ergonomics, productivity and cost reduction.

Improved ergonomics and higher productivity

The electric hand pallet truck users’ immediate needs are met by an ergonomic, spring-loaded steering and control handle with a comfort grip to reduce fatigue. Its multiple functions include stepless speed adjustment via specially shaped butterfly-style thumb controls. The handle also houses emergency reverse and horn buttons, together with a key switch.

The truck’s effective electromagnetic braking, with double discs in the case of 1.5 tonne models, enables confident travel and manoeuvring, while a reinforced chassis ensures safe handling. Compact design, low weight and a small turning radius minimise the effort required, even in tight workspaces. With all these user-friendly benefits, operators can work very flexibly and productively over short- and mid-distance runs.

No more pushing and pulling

They are particularly well suited to light and medium transport duties in indoor environments, including those with confined spaces. Examples include workshops, retail premises, small supermarkets and warehouses, cargo containers and trailers. Along with their advantages over the market’s existing electric models, they offer a cost-effective opportunity to upgrade from traditional hand pallet trucks This eliminates straining, pushing and pulling.

The lowest cost of ownership

Lithium-ion battery technology has taken efficiency to new levels. The 48V Li-ion pack, which is interchangeable between 1.2 and 1.5 tonne models, requires no filling or other maintenance and poses no gas or acid leak hazard. It gives 6 hours of effective runtime between charges and can be fully recharged in just 3.5 hours.

The patented AC hub motor design eliminates wearable components like gears, carbon bushes or contactors. It is maintenance-free and virtually noiseless. A robust, high-quality truck construction assures durability and stability. To cope with their heavier loads, 1.5 tonne models have additional reinforcement in their chassis, as well as a single-piece rocker arm cast from solid steel. The steer wheel is designed for convenient replacement when necessary.

The durable, low-maintenance design minimises downtime and the cost of servicing.


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