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AUSA launches its new C201H Urban Forklift

AUSA has launched its new C201H forklift with a 2000 kg load capacity. The vehicle stands out for its totally urban approach, with very small dimensions that allow it to enter and manoeuvre in any space.

Like all its new vehicles, this truck complies with Stage V emission regulations.

The urban truck concept.

The new AUSA truck has been conceptualized with a totally different objective from the other all-terrain trucks recently introduced by the brand, as the C201H is differentiated by its clearly urban approach. From the beginning, its height of only 2.09 meters allows it to enter parking lots and closed spaces with limited access. In addition to its great manoeuvrability, it manages to move nimbly in any space, no matter how small. The truck is offered with a wide variety of masts: from standard 3.30m full visibility duplex to 3.70m, 4.30m and 5.40m triplexes.

This new model is available in two types of hydrostatic drive: 4×4 and 4×2. In both cases, it is equipped as standard with a self-locking differential on the front axle that transmits the percentage of power required individually to each wheel. In the case of the 4×4 version, it has FullGrip functionality, which allows four-wheel drive to be connected by pressing a button on the joystick, thus increasing safety in operations on more winding terrain.

Efficiency and economy

The C201H engine is an 18.5 kW Kubota, without DPF and complies with Stage V emissions regulations. A small, low-emission engine with great performance, as it is capable of overcoming gradients up to 40% at full load.

At the maintenance level, the design has allowed the incorporation of a folding cab and an upper engine cover, thus achieving unmatched accessibility to all mechanical components. In this way, speed and agility are increased in each intervention. In addition, the C201H has been equipped with a digital display with a self-diagnosis function on the dashboard, a system that allows the operator to access possible error codes of the machine easily, so that technical service can be quickly informed and decrease stop times.

In summary, with the new C201H, AUSA incorporates to its catalogue of lifting machinery a truck for urban purposes indicated for those users who are looking for a compact vehicle, with high performance and quick and easy maintenance.



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