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STILL adds NXV narrow aisle truck to range

The new STILL NXV guarantees convenient, safe, and fast warehouse processes. The narrow aisle truck (man-down) is particularly effective in high and narrow warehouse aisles. At storage heights of up to 13.8 metres, the active load stabilisation, and the fork camera help to prevent damage to the racking. In addition, a positioning aid provides extra safety and speed when picking up load carriers.

The new vehicle passed its first practical test in a field study at Bad Heilbrunner GmbH & Co. KG with flying colours. The manufacturer of herbal medicinal teas from Upper Bavaria was so impressed by the new truck that they immediately ordered an NXV.

The test drivers were particularly satisfied with the ergonomic components of the truck. Numerous details, such as the ergonomic driver’s seat with optional tilt technology, the proportional seat and footplate adjustment or the possibility of adapting all operating elements to the driver’s ergonomics, not only make the vehicle particularly comfortable, but also ensure a very good view of the fork tips.

In combination with the Joystick 4Plus, the truck can be operated very smoothly, which leads to a significant increase in turnover.

Camera and positioning aids for more safety

In picking up load carriers, the new cross line laser facilitates the safe and quick positioning of the forks at the right height and in the middle of the load carrier. The camera mounted on the inside of the forks with image transmission to the driver’s monitor provides optimum visibility when picking up the load. In combination with the active load stabilisation, collision damage, breakage of goods and personal injury caused by falling loads are effectively avoided even at great heights.

An optional position laser on the mast supports the horizontal approach to the correct rack position. When the laser pointer aligns with the corresponding mark on the racking, the correct approach position has been reached. With the help of the fork camera, the load is lifted to the correct lifting height quickly and easily.

Variable load pick-up due to turret head fork

The NXV’s turret head fork is suitable for picking up almost any pallet and enables the transfer of load carriers to a conveyor system. Due to the very small dimensions of the pivoting and turnable turret head fork, almost any space in the high-bay warehouse can be optimally used. Pallets can be picked up smoothly and quietly to the right and left of the aisle without having to turn the NXV.

Together with the active load stabilisation, the turret head mechanism makes storage and retrieval more comfortable, faster, and more precise. Another noticeable improvement is the automatic fork cycle, i.e. the automatic extension, lowering and retraction of the turret head fork at the touch of a button.

Semi-automatic shelf approach possible

However, the technical capabilities of the NXV are only fully exploited with the OPTISPEED vehicle concept or the iGo pilot navigation interface. With this, the NXV communicates with the warehouse management system and connects the processes in the warehouse into an intelligent whole.

When the driver receives a transport order, the vehicle knows the next storage location in the high rack to approach. The forklift truck thus independently finds its way through the warehouse aisles. This eliminates the possibility of incorrect retrievals.

Lithium-ion technology for increased availability

The NXV is an efficient and compact bundle of energy that also boasts high availability thanks to Li-Ion technology. As there are no more battery changes and intermediate charging is possible with very short charging times – wherever there are power sockets – flexible use is guaranteed.

In combination with the long service life of the maintenance-free Li-Ion battery, operating costs and CO2 emissions are reduced. In addition, the high vehicle availability is also increased by the – compared to lead-acid batteries – larger battery capacity.

Adapting forklift trucks to customer needs

No two high bay warehouses are alike, as we all know. So, it makes sense to adapt forklift trucks to the customer’s needs – to the loads to be transported, for example, or to the possible growth of the company. Thanks to their modular design, STILL narrow-aisle trucks can be configured specifically to meet the operator’s needs.

Different battery compartments, masts or telescopic and turret head forks are used. This also applies to the new NXV. Due to its scalable dimensions, it can be used very flexibly even in the tightest spaces with loads of up to 1.5 tonnes.


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