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New Year and New Prices from Hako in 2019

After a challenging 2018 managing costs and trying to minimise the impact of the exchange rate Hako have taken the decision to increase their prices as follows:

Machines – 5% increase across the board

Parts – an average of 5%

Service – Advantage and Advantage Plus no adjustment on labour, just parts will increase

Non-Contract – 11% increase on labour rate plus parts increase

Across the industry it seems some major global providers saw an increase in the summer of 2018 and will now increase again in January, estimates range from as much as 11% although the average seems to be around 8%. Hako will honour their annual pricing review strategy however the likelihood of a hard Brexit may see marginal increase again from April as a result of any import duty required.

After several years of marginal or no increase Hako have had to take this decision to ensure the sustainability of HML in delivering robust and efficient services to their customer base.  They believe that they still offer a solid return on any investment.

For more information on the Hako pricing strategy, please contact the customer support team on 01788 825 600


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