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Mitsubishi announce the latest addition to the EDiA EM range.

Building on the success of its popular 80-volt, EDiA EX, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has announced the latest addition to its award-winning electric range.

The most intelligent and agile truck in its class, this range of 1.4 to 2.0 tonne 48-volt electrics is also one of the most durable.

Packed with features, it has been engineered to deliver all the manoeuvrability, power (performance) and reliability expected from a Mitsubishi lift truck. In short, it offers a true alternative to traditional IC engine trucks.

In tune with drivers

Designed and engineered to perform, the class-leading range works intuitively: tailoring the truck’s performance to the individual operators.

EDiA EM’s sophisticated software examines and analyses real-use data – automatically adjusting the truck’s parameters for operations that are safe and productive. For drivers, this means that – regardless of load weight – they can expect the same, predictable response.

Every model benefits from the Mitsubishi SDS (Sensitive Drive System). It automatically smooths start and stop movements, increases agility and adapts the truck’s performance to the speed of the driver’s foot movements. In addition, EDiA EM benefits from Intelligent Curve Control as standard. Sensing the angle of a turn, ICC responds automatically by seamlessly reducing speed very early in the manoeuvre – for maximum stability and accurate, positive cornering.

EDiA EM it is the most agile, thanks to its >100° steering axle and dual drive motors. These provide smooth on-the-spot turning – without the initial tyre ‘push’ which can quickly wear down tyres.

High visibility

Safety was a top priority for the EDiA EM’s designers. By thinking ‘outside of the box’, the team was able to successfully maximise visibility.

While a low, counterweight design ensures good rear vision, forward views to the fork tips benefit from a number of simple, but often ingenious changes.

In the fully adjustable operator compartment, for example, forward vision is free of obstacles, thanks to its low-profile narrow bulkhead dashboard and small, featherweight steering wheel.

In addition, designers have improved visibility through triplex masts with a clever mast redesign. Uniquely, the EDiA EM mast incorporates close-coupled hoses to widen the view for operators.

Responsive, highly-ergonomic controls, improved legroom, and a low-noise design all work to minimise operator fatigue – thereby minimising the chance of costly accidents.

For the driver

In busy operations every second counts. That is why the 3-wheel model of the EDiA EM series can be specified with 360-degree steering – as found in the popular Mitsubishi reach trucks – allowing the driver to reverse directions smoothly, precisely and – most importantly – without stopping.

Not only can this speed up turn times and maximise productivity in tight spaces – even in containers – but it can greatly reduce the amount of centrifugal force acting up on a load, which could otherwise cause unsteady loads to fall.

With state-of-the-art curve control stabilising the truck on turns and the Passive Sway Control system minimising sway action in higher lifts, EDiA EM is constantly working to make the operator’s work as safe, efficient, and predictable as possible.


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