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Linde Material Handling Expands Lithium-ion Portfolio

Linde Material Handling is expanding its lithium-ion battery portfolio. For trucks in the load capacity range from 2 to 3.5 tons (Linde E20 to E35), the existing 24.1 kWh and 60.3 kWh battery versions have been complemented by a larger variant with 84.6 kWh capacity, which is designed for energy-intensive three-shift applications found in the paper and beverage industries, for example. A new medium-capacity battery has been added for industrial trucks in the load capacity range between 3.5 and 5 tons.

Here, Linde Material Handling closes the gap between the smaller (36.2 kWh) and the larger (118.4 kWh) battery with a 66.3 kWh battery. Last but not least, a second battery size of 64.7 kWh is now available for the 6-8 ton forklift trucks as a supplement to the existing 118.4 kWh battery.

All new 90 Volt batteries are compatible with the 9 kW, 17 kW and 30 kW chargers on offer. The choice of charger also depends on the application requirements: If there is little time available for charging, the station needs to be appropriately powerful. If, on the other hand, the charging process may take longer, a smaller charger is sufficient.


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