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New Pallet Trucks Offer Quieter Precision Operation

Yale Europe Materials Handling has two new options in its pedestrian power pallet truck range. The new precision control tiller head and noise reduction options allow the trucks to be used in a wider range of applications, particularly in the food, beverage, and retail industries.

“Our low lift pallet trucks have a proven track record in maximising productivity in confined and congested areas,” said Monica Radavelli, Warehouse Product Manager at Yale®. “We have worked with our customers to bring two new solutions to market that will enable them to operate even more efficiently in applications with limited space or where whisper-quiet manoeuvres are essential.”

Keeping the noise down

In a bid to decrease costs, cut fuel consumption and reduce travel time, there is a strong business case for scheduling deliveries outside normal business hours. The downside to this trend is the potential for increased noise pollution and disturbing neighbouring residents. With Yale noise reduction technology, customers can rest assured their Yale equipment is a quiet solution for out-of-hours operations.

“We’ve adapted our standard MP16-18 Series pedestrian pallet truck to minimise the noise transmitted during its operation,” said Monica. “Customers who work in noise sensitive environments or round-the-clock delivering finished goods to stores can be confident that the Yale solution allows them to continue into the early hours.”

The PIEK certified MP16-18 with noise reduction option is designed to work at below 60dB(A) to meet the noise limit set for out-of-hours deliveries in regulated areas. Open cell foam reduces noise propagation outside the motor compartment, and a clamp has been added to prevent movement of the battery. Steel-to-steel contact points have been removed, and a softer drive tyre enables a quieter operation.

Isolation of the hydraulic pump and a triple roller assembly also ensure the MP16-18 with noise reduction option can continue to work efficiently without disturbing the neighbours.

No compromise in confined areas

For customers operating in congested spaces, the MP16-22 now comes with the option of a precision control tiller head, offering further improvements in manoeuvrability without compromising on the core Yale ergonomics.

“The precision control tiller head is perfect for applications with tight, busy spaces and its compact configuration offers greater control for the operator,” said Monica.

Ideal for operators working in congested store aisles or trailers, the precision control tiller head is designed to be used in an upright position, reducing the space required to operate the truck. There is no need for the operator to keep moving the handle up and down, making the truck well-suited for picking applications in corridors and narrow spaces.


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