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AKW Global Logistics Choose BYD Lithium Powered Forklifts

At AKW Global Logistics, having a positive sustainability impact is always at the forefront of purchasing decisions, with focus on continuous improvement, carbon reduction initiatives and environmental conservation. With this in mind, after a successful trial to ensure our impeccable service levels could be maintained, AKW Global Logistics have committed to purchasing two 2.5tonne entirely Lithium Powered Forklifts from manufacturer BYD Lithium specialist, to replace some traditional diesel FLT’s.

Previous concerns with Lithium powered trucks surrounded practicality; in such a fast-paced environment, uptime and productivity are essential. This meant that a trial was vital to ensure our market leading KPI’s would not be affected by the change. Apprehensions included the recharging time and associated labour for the batteries impacting time utilisation, however exploring sustainable options in line with our CSR endeavours remained a strong driver to catalyse the trial, as it was proven that switching to the Lithium powered FLT’s would mean a reduction of around 154 kilograms of CO2 per week per forklift in comparison to the existing diesel models.

The trial proved a roaring success, without any hinderance or lack of power reported in a usual 14-hour shift, despite machine functions being tuned to the maximum in speed, acceleration and lift/tilt to ensure it was established how long the machines last under constant load and maximum current draw from the battery. Performance was equivalent to the diesel powered FLT’s, with no lack of productivity reported. Fantastic news all around!

Are you looking for a third-party supply chain solution with a sustainability conscience? Look no further! AKW Global Logistics.


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