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Yale Unveils VX Gold Edition

Yale Europe Materials Handling presented its new Veracitor VX Gold Edition to customers, dealers, and journalists at its exclusive ‘This is Yale’ event held in Germany on 19 and 20 September.

Based on the trusted Veracitor VX, the Gold Edition forklift includes a feature bundle designed to enhance productivity while reducing overall maintenance costs, along with an extended warranty for total peace of mind.

Karen Calver, Product Manager at Yale said: “The Veracitor VX is one of our most popular trucks. We’ve noticed that our customers keep coming back for more, often replacing like-for-like – which is an impressive accolade, and we are proud of the trust they continue to place in us. To celebrate the fine heritage of the truck, we have introduced the VX Gold Edition with new features and technology as standard. The Gold Edition is designed to be robust and require less maintenance, making it ideal for use in heavy duty applications.”

The Veracitor VX Gold Edition aims to provide customers with the familiarity of the current established models, with the feature bundle only increasing the trust they can place in the truck.

LED lights replace halogen bulbs, meaning no more bulb replacements. As a result of this, downtime is lowered, and maintenance costs are reduced.

Ergonomics are further enhanced with the addition of an air suspension seat. Equipped with an easy to operate weight adjustment switch, the operator can add or remove air from the seat for optimal comfort. Available in either cloth or vinyl, with an adjustable backrest, this supportive seat offers superb ride comfort and low vibration levels. The option of a standard full suspension seat is available for those customers who prefer spring suspension.

Operator traceability is improved with the addition of built-in operator password functionality. Site supervisors can choose to restrict access to their Gold Edition truck by setting passwords for each driver.

Paper rolls and other delicate and high value loads can be handled with ease using the Return to Set Tilt (RST) feature on Gold Edition trucks specified with e-Hydraulics. The forks can be held at any preset angle within the tilt range, making unloading and offloading easier and allowing the operator to ensure loads are set down level, helping to reduce accidental damage.

VX Veracitor Gold Edition trucks with Techtronix transmission come with the added benefit of a Powertrain Protection system and adjustable Speed Limiter. By identifying critical conditions, such as low engine oil pressure and overheating, and issuing a warning to the driver to find a suitable place to stop, the Powertrain Protection system helps protect the truck from damage by shutting down the engine. For applications with speed restrictions in place, the Speed Limiter allows site supervisors to set a maximum travel speed for both forward and reverse travel without having an impact on engine power and truck productivity.

“The Veracitor VX truck is a proven and valuable entity in materials handling,” says Karen. “As a testament to this we have added additional features to enhance its value for our customers, while keeping the design and ethos of the truck familiar.”


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