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Linde introduces Vertilight

Linde Material Handling, Europe’s leading manufacturer of forklift trucks, has launched two new lighting products after the sales success of its BlueSpot lighting system.
The forklift truck provider has recently introduced Vertilight and LED Stripes, which can be retrofitted onto its trucks and are also available on new vehicles.
Linde Vertilight is a new lighting feature which provides safety while storing and retrieving goods, for high-bay shelves.

It consists of LED lights arranged in a semi-circle, mounted onto the truck’s mast. Unlike regular work lights, these lights do not produce a spotlight cone when working at shelves; instead they produce a wide-area, uniform and glare-free light which provides maximum illumination of the area.

At 6,500 Kelvin, the colour temperature of the VertiLight is similar to that of normal daylight, which aims to reduce tiredness felt by truck drivers. This helps to minimise the risk of warehouse accidents often induced by operator fatigue.

The vertical lighting angle can be individually adjusted to the specific requirements of the operating truck, which helps to make operations more efficient.

Linde has also introduced LED Stripes. These are light strips attached to the front and rear overhead guard on counterbalanced trucks that illuminate areas from close range, including particularly dark, inaccessible areas.
Movements of the fork carriage do not impair visibility as the strips radiate white light in the direction of travel, while the other side changes to red. This is an important indication for pedestrians as well as other forklift drivers and enables them to see, from a distance, the direction in which the truck is moving.
Additionally, there is no danger of the driver being temporarily blinded at any point as the high-intensity LEDs emit a natural light (5,700 Kelvin).

These two new products come after the worldwide success of BlueSpot: a blue light device fitted to trucks to make warehouse staff aware of approaching vehicles.

It consists of two energy-efficient, bright and long-lasting LED lights attached to the top of the operator’s protective roof frame, which project a large blue spot onto the floor a few meters ahead in the direction of travel.
Over the last six years, Linde has sold more than 150,000 BlueSpot units to its customers and has made a valuable contribution to forklift truck safety.

Linde’s latest innovations in light technology aim to increase overall safety by helping operators control their equipment more safely and minimising the risk of accidents in the warehouse.

In addition to BlueSpot, Linde’s other safety products include assistance systems such as Safety Pilot; an intelligent driver assistance system for industrial trucks, designed to help operators control equipment safely, Linde Load Management – a similar system available for pallet stackers, showing load data to the operator via a display and taking corrective action in the event of safety-critical operating errors, and Dynamic Mast; an intelligent operator-assist system designed specifically for reach trucks.

These new products are all part of Linde’s integrated safety concept ‘Vision Zero – Safety in your world’, introduced with the aim of reducing accidents in the goods handling industry.
David Bowen, warehouse product manager at Linde UK, said: “Ensuring operator safety is a vital concern when we develop new trucks and products.

“Vertilight and Linde LED stripes are another example of our continual dedication to improving warehouse safety, while maintaining productivity and efficiency in goods handling operations.

“We hope that these new lighting products will follow the success and popularity of BlueSpot, alongside our other safety products, and will prove valuable additions to existing products in the material handling industry.”


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