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Toyota exploring solar power opportunities

Toyota exploring solar power opportunities

Toyota Material Handling Europe is exploring the opportunities solar power could have on its operations as it joins forces with Eneo Solutions.

With an ambition to develop solutions that can be integrated into the OEM’s electric forklifts and its lithium-ion batteries, the program is seen as an important step in TMHE relying on 100% renewable energy by 2020 and zero carbon emissions across its full product range by 2050.

As a first step, rooftop solar power systems will be installed at the company’s production and management facilities in five countries – including its headquarters in Mjölby, Sweden – this year.
Under the programme, the company’s module-based Li-ion batteries will be given a third life as cost-efficient, stationary storage for solar energy, enabling electric trucks to be charged with solar energy, even when the sun is not shining.

“We want our solar programme to echo all the way from our production sites to suppliers and customers who use our products,” said Matthias Fischer, president and CEO at Toyota Material Handling Europe.

“By adding more renewable energy to the grid we help to remove fossil power in Europe. That is true impact on our future – and what we are aiming for is to invite our partners and customers in this journey to the carbon-free society.

“Partnering up with Eneo feels like a perfect match. Their world-class expertise will guarantee effective and long-lasting solutions. It will be exciting to see what we can accomplish together to lower our products’ environmental impact,” he said.

Harald Överholm, CEO at Eneo Solutions said, “This partnership is one of a kind. Toyota is determined to reach zero emissions for their products, an ambition to which solar power and battery solutions are a steppingstone. Eneo is proud to be a part of this journey.”


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