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Chinese market to expect boom in electric fork lift trucks

According to recent international studies, electric fork lift trucks will be the protagonists of a real sales boom within the Chinese market from 2021 to 2026, accounting for a good 7% growth.

Attention to environmental sustainability has become the main theme of global logistics in recent years, contributing to a positive impact on cost containment and work quality improvement. This positive scenario has induced many companies, including many Chinese ones, to implement electric trucks in their product portfolio: suffice it to say that according to an American research published on Business Wire their sale within the Chinese market will increase by 7% over the period between 2021 and 2026. Moreover, from the 609 thousand units produced in 2019, which unfortunately dropped to 573 thousand due to the health emergency, production will rise to no less than 743 thousand electric fork lift trucks in 2026. But that’s not all, as another contribution to the growth of the electric truck market was given by the “unstoppable” rise of fork lift trucks equipped with lithium-ion batteries, whose sales increased by 185.5% on an annual basis of 75,000 units in China, from 9.31% of the total of electric trucks produced in China in 2018 to 25.03% in 2019. That of electric trucks is a rapidly growing trend that has seen many companies in the EMEA market such as Baoli being strongly interested in this area. But what are the advantages of electric trucks in the logistics sector? Their main features include lower operating costs, the absence of emissions and a remarkable driving comfort, with the reduction of the noise and vibration thresholds compared to thermal trucks, which contribute to significantly improving operator safety and well-being.

“Our company is focusing its work and investing more and more resources with the purpose of increasingly playing a leading role in this trend which sees the constant growth in the production and sale of electric trucks; this phenomenon was also accelerated by the ever wider demand on a global scale of trucks equipped with lithium batteries and by the higher costs caused by the new restrictive rules for the Chinese internal market regarding the polluting emissions from combustion machines, reasons that have pushed our parent company to focus even more on the electricity sector – as explained Francesco Pampuri, marketing manager at Baoli EMEA – We have been working hard over the last three years on the development of the electric range, which has allowed us to achieve great reliability in the product range from 1.5 tons to 2.0 tons, both for 3 and 4-wheeled vehicles, and in the range from 2.5 tons to 3.5 tons. Specifically, in Europe, the KBE25 model has achieved a huge sales success, thanks to the perfect combination of purchase price, low cost of use, reliability and quality. Also, Baoli is currently working on an important novelty, also in the field of electric trucks, which we will disclose in the last four months of 2020”.

The range of fork lift trucks with the Baoli brand is distributed in the EMEA area by a network of carefully selected dealers, like all the company’s products. The sales network is one of the brand’s strengths, as it guarantees knowledge of the area, spare parts ready for delivery as well as pre-sale and post-sale support.



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