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Toyota’s unique team keep hand pallet trucks rolling

Toyota’s BT Lifter hand pallet trucks are legendary for their robustness and long service, even in tough environments. As befits a hand pallet truck that is carefully designed to be sustainable, Toyota offers a unique team of engineers dedicated to keeping hand pallet trucks rolling smoothly across the UK.

Toyota has hand pallet truck specialists providing greater local coverage across the UK. With over 40 dedicated specialists nationally, Toyota can provide service and maintenance support throughout the UK, helping to keep hand pallet trucks on the move and extend their operating life.

Toyota provides national mobile support for servicing, maintenance, repairs and safety checks on all hand pallet trucks, not just Toyota branded. All mobile Toyota workshops are operated by specialists who work at a local level and are fully trained to repair BT Lifter models in addition, models from all other manufacturers. In addition, Toyota specialists are trained to provide advice on suitable hand pallet truck applications and usage.

With Toyota, you get the best performance with efficient materials handling equipment. The BT Lifter hand pallet truck (LHM230) has been setting standards in strength and performance for over 60 years. Today’s BT Lifter range from Toyota maintains these values. These trucks are proven to be the most durable – lasting up to five times as long as other trucks in work-cycle tests. BT Lifter hand pallet trucks from Toyota are built to last and come with a lifetime guarantee on the fork frame and a 5-year guarantee on the pump unit helping to reduce operating costs.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way of renting and operating pallet trucks with a lower total cost of ownership, then Toyota has you covered with Pallet Truck Plus. For a low monthly payment, from as little as 75p per day, Toyota will supply a new pallet truck on a two-year agreement. During this time all maintenance and servicing is included with no hidden extras. “The scheme gives you the best value, access to the best national support network and of course the best performance from our legendary hand pallet trucks, increasing productivity and efficiency in your organisation.” states Tony Sharpe, Head of Service Sales Development & HPT.

The hand pallet trucks specialists are in full operation across the UK and are helping customers keep their operation on the move.

To find out how more information about BT Lifter hand pallet trucks and service support from Toyota or how Pallet Truck Plus can benefit you, get in touch. Call Toyota 0370 850 1402 or visit


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