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The STILL RX 60 series of e-trucks sets new standards

STILL continues its successful history of the RX with a reissue of the RX 60-25/35 series. With record-breaking acceleration, a driving speed of up to 21 km/h and lift speeds which have once again been improved, the RX 60 sets new standards in the 2.5- to 3.5-ton weight class. The new drive concept with two motors offered in two performance classes, together with active cooling and shortened power transfer distances, ensures extremely short response times and maximum torque even from the first revolution. It all adds up to previously unrivalled dynamism, greater driving and goods handling performances together with pure battery-powered driving pleasure. The RX 60-25/35 is nothing short of inspiring from the very first second, with its perfect relationship between performance, availability and ergonomics. With this, STILL offers numerous options for the truck’s cab and operating unit to provide the driver with maximum comfort and fatigue-free working. With its optimum equipment for demanding tasks, the RX 60 is extremely versatile in use: for sideways loading/unloading of trucks, horizontal transport of load carriers, stacking in shelves or racks with lift heights of up to 7390 mm, order-picking and provisioning.

Thomas A. Fischer, CSO of STILL, confidently explains: “With the new RX 60-25/35 series of e truck models, STILL sets new standards in e-mobility within the industrial trucks area. Using energy-efficient technologies, we have successfully developed an e-truck with extremely high performance and agility for indoor and outdoor use for loads up to 3.5 tons. By doing so, we promote the trend towards more emission-free e-trucks and support our customers to implement their green logistics strategies and thus attain their sustainability targets. So, with the new performance figures of the RX 60 series of models we produce here in Hamburg, there is no longer any reason not to drive an e-truck.” Within the range, customers can currently choose from a total of seven models in Standard and Long Frame, Tele/Niho and Triple Lift Mast versions. STILL has also developed a variant with a 600 mm load centre of gravity and thus a greater residual carrying capacity, specifically to transport pallets in a longitudinal direction and for heavy weights or for use with attachments.

Highest goods handling performance – up to 3.5 tons

The RX 60-25/35 gives convincing goods handling performance, the highest in the weight class of up to 3.5 tons. This counterbalance truck is also a real reach distance miracle, with a speed of up to 21 km/hr. Anyone who chooses STILL Lithium Ion technology will also master three-shift working without replacement batteries.

The new front axle drive design has two maintenance-free, 3-phase drives using 80-Volt technology. These two motors each deliver 8.5 kW of power in the standard version and the high-performance drive axle option is available with 2×10,5 kW. It means STILL has increased the drive motor power by 40% with improved energy efficiency at the same time. This was achievable due to new inverters and an innovative design with extremely short power transfer between the inverters, the two drive motors and the pump motor. High thermal stability, even at maximum goods-handling performance is guaranteed thanks to new demand-driven active cooling which uses robust, low-maintenance blowers allowing constant operation even in sprint mode. Overall, the RX 60 boasts extremely high driving performance at the same level as diesel or gas trucks. The typical battery-powered driving pleasure shows itself in sporty acceleration, agility and more dynamic starting behaviour together with fast electrical braking or quick direction changes. Due to the more powerful 25 kW lift motor in the ‘high-performance’ model, it was also possible to considerably increase lift speeds by more than 20% with a load. Both motors have traction control and at full steering lock they are driven in opposite directions.

The quick-start mode, which prepares the truck for use as soon as the driver takes his seat, together with the automatic spring-accumulator parking brake, ensure additional time saving. The driver achieves greater productivity when he has the option of parallel operation for simultaneous steering, lifting and tilting, with or without a load.

A more ergonomic workplace

Whatever the mission profile looks like, whether for logistics services providers, the food & drink sector or in mechanical engineering – the RX 60’s equipment scarcely leaves any driver’s wishes unfulfilled. Even larger drivers find comfortable space in the roomy, ergonomically-designed cab with extremely generous leg and head room. The large cab door, grab-handle and wide, low entry step with a non-slip steel step edge and anti-slip rubber mat allow the truck to be entered conveniently and safely. From the comfortable driver’s seat, the operator has a good view upwards through the extremely robust protective roof with an additional glass panel which comes as standard and a completely unobstructed view through the optional glass panoramic roof. A low front end and optimised positioning of the controls and displays enables significantly improved forwards visibility. A variety of storage spaces and a Bluetooth DAB radio, MP3 and CD player with a USB and jack input socket together with a 12V socket and a USB insert to charge mobile phones (or even a special smartphone holder) will satisfy all the driver’s technological demands. The cab can also be fitted with optional heating or air-conditioning equipment.

STILL offers the largest range of truck operating variants on the market, extending from a variety of foot-pedals and switches on the steering column to four different control options for driving and hydraulics: multi-lever, mini-lever, 4Plus joystick and a completely newly-developed fingertip operating unit for precise, safe load handling and a fast change of driving direction.

All information is supplied in a language-neutral, easily understandable way via the STILL Easy control unit and presented on a full graphic colour display. Individual truck functions can also be activated via large ‘favourites’ buttons, even when wearing work gloves. Additional safety and security are ensured by a pre-shift safety check, in which a guided display dialogue assists the driver during his daily pre-use check of the truck. For smart networking, the RX 60 can be connected via an optional interface to STILL’s FleetManager™ for quick and easy access control to the truck’s operating data or to STILL’s neXXt fleet online portal for intelligent, efficient fleet control.

Sideways battery change for high availability

Battery changing will be increasingly avoided in many 2-shift applications by using the RX 60. This is due to greater energy efficiency, the larger battery capacity of up to 775 Ah with lead-acid batteries or the use of lithium ion technology. For operators who still need a battery change, this also continues to take place on the tried-and-tested sideways principle, the battery door has also been optimised even further. The battery door, made from sheet metal 4 mm thick, can now be opened horizontally backwards by up to 180 degrees. The actual change can be taken care of in just a few minutes using a battery-powered lift truck or by a single person.

STILL offers customized intralogistics solutions worldwide and implements the intelligent teamwork of forklift trucks and warehouse technology, software and services. The achievement created by the Company’s founder Hans Still in 1920 through a large amount of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and quality, quickly developed into a strong brand well-known throughout the world. Today, around 9,000 qualified staff in research and development, production, marketing and service are involved for the sole purpose of fulfilling customers’ needs throughout the whole world. The keys to the company’s success are highly efficient products ranging from sector-specific complete offers for large and small enterprises to computer-assisted logistics programs for efficient warehouse and materials flow management.


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