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Optimum visibility on Yale high capacity lift trucks

Yale Europe Materials Handling has announced a series of updates to its 8–16 tonne capacity lift trucks, designed to offer optimal visibility, increased capacity and durability in even the most intensive applications.

The new high capacity trucks offer two stage masts with pin- and hook type carriages and load backrest options to suit a range of applications, including handling wood and timber products, stevedoring and heavy cargo, metal stock-holding, pre-stressed concrete, brick and block and heavy manufacturing.

Elmer Dammers, Yale Global Product Manager for Big Trucks, says: “At Yale, we take the time to speak with our customers to understand how we can improve our products to help them achieve their goals. We have updated our GDP80-120DC and GBP130-160EC trucks to help improve productivity and flexibility for heavy duty applications”.

Operator visibility updates

Lift chains on the new-design high capacity lift trucks have been moved to the outside of the mast, increasing the line of vision for the operator between the mast channels. The position of the channels and cross-members have also been optimised allowing for more space between the channels to further support operator visibility.

An open carriage for the 10–16 tonne truck models has more space between the top and bottom, allowing operators to look through and over the carriage.

“The updates to the mast enable the operator to move confidently and precisely when handling loads. The re-positioned chains and open carriage feature allow the driver to look through as well as over the carriage, providing them with a good view of the forks and the load,” explains Elmer.

“The valve block location on the carriage has been optimised, and the trucks also have slim line top bars that are positioned at an angle. Both contribute to minimisation of obstructions to the operator’s view.”

More carriage variety

An extended range of pin or hook type carriages mean the trucks can be customised to meet the specific needs of an application.

Yale® pin type sideshift carriages can deliver maximum capacity with maximum sideshift available in any fork position on apron-style carriages. The fork is not locked at the heel, allowing it to swing to the optimum position.

Dual function sideshift and fork positioning (DFSSFP) carriages featuring hook type mountings are ideally suited to applications that require a quick and easy exchange between forks and attachments. The hook type forks allow for a speedy disconnect and the carriage design offers optimised forward visibility. Yale DFSSFP carriages have a larger sideshift range than pin type carriages and the carriage frame does not move sideways when sideshifting, preventing the frame from exceeding the normal truck width.

Elmer says: “Yale high capacity trucks are extremely versatile and our extensive dealer network works closely with customers to identify which carriage offers the best range of use for their specific applications, including which attachments will allow them to maximise the use of their Yale truck.”

Intelligently designed, the new-look trucks boast up to a 400kg increase in residual capacity for sideshift pin type carriages.

“The open carriage design executed with high-strength steels reduces the total weight of the front of the truck, allowing it to handle an extra load capacity. Operators need to make fewer trips in transporting loads, also thanks to the reduced lost load centre improving both their individual productivity as well as that of the wider logistics chain,” explains Elmer.


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