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TCM and CAM Forklifts cut costs at George Walker Transport

Managers at George Walker Transport have been working with engineers at Sheffield-based CAM Forklift Trucks developing new techniques to improve the crucial role forklifts play in their intensive materials handling operation as part of a productivity and £1/2 million cost reduction platform.

Plans to up-date their forklift fleet began back in 2016 with 20 new forklifts and 20 powered pallet trucks that comprise the core of the company’s materials handling taskforce. The business is now scheduling delivery of its next 13 TCM trucks. These have 2.0-ton lift capacity with heavy duty brakes and rugged construction designed to take on an intense but mixed range of duties. Their operation in Morley, near Leeds facilitates the movement of around 4,500 pallets every 24 hours.

The decision to choose TCM gas-fuelled trucks was supported by complete driver engagement to test out their performance, comfort and safety features.

The LPG TCM trucks are delivering both lower emissions and lower fuel costs through a combination of the latest fuel-efficient engines and improved fuel procurement. Using VDI methodology planned savings over the 5-year lease agreement confidently estimates a six-figure saving in fuel economy alone.

They also recognised that on-board tracking and monitoring of forklifts had become less effective than ownership and accountability. And that employee satisfaction and involvement is more powerful than supervision alone.

Now, closer co-operation between drivers, warehouse staff, managers and their forklift partner – CAM, has provided the on-site network to resolve issues and create a shared collective grip on the way the overall forklift operation performs.

Regular visits and a proactive approach by CAM’s engineers and service team highlight opportunities for incremental improvements that collectively lead to greater truck performance, utilisation, operating cost, damage reduction and their overall productivity.



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