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Ful-ton Turns 40

Since 1978, Ful-ton Forklifts has supplied over 1,500 brand new and second-hand equipment, as well as maintained 2,000 materials handling equipment for new and existing customers across the United Kingdom.

Ful-ton Forklifts is an experienced forklift supplier run by the Fulston family. Since 1978, the company has been providing flexible materials handling solutions across the UK. In four decades, they have supplied over 1,500 brand new and second-hand lifting equipment from 1 to 25-tonne capacity. Furthermore, they offer excellent maintenance and backup service, having repaired and refurbished over 2,000 lift trucks for its new and existing customers. Based in Hamilton (South Lanarkshire), near Glasgow, they are one of the leading independent forklift suppliers in Scotland with over 40 years of experience.

The company offers IC engine solutions both diesel and gas fuel, as well as electric trucks to suit its customer needs. In addition to that, they have a wide stock of other materials handling equipment such as pallet trucks, stackers, reach trucks and side loaders. To supply forklift solutions, they are associated with Doosan Industrial Equipment, one of the UK’s leading manufacturer brands well-known by its safety and reliable lifting equipment. Additionally, Ful-ton trades with Lonking, a forklift manufacturer currently the 13th most important in the world after they sold 50,000 trucks in 2017.

Renowned by a high-quality service

Along these years in the business, the brand has been endorsed by having a fast and efficient backup service. As mechanical engineers, they are fully capable of fixing and maintaining forklifts regardless of the condition, keeping a high standard in terms of customer satisfaction. Thus, they have built loyal working relationships with many of its clients among different types of industries such as food and beverage, construction and shipping forwarder, among others.

Within its servicing offer, they have full experience in refurbishing used trucks. Ful-ton workshop staff can rejuvenate second-hand equipment by turning old-looking forklifts into trucks looking almost like new. Therefore, the brand also contributes to the industry’s recycling system by significantly extending the equipment life span and by providing a spare parts service.

Forty years of history

In October, Ful-ton Forklifts celebrates over 40 years as an independent forklift supplier. Since they repaired their first forklift until today four decades have passed in which they have seen and challenge many developments within the growing mechanical industry. Consequently, they want to celebrate it by remembering its beginning in the industry and its contribution to it, as a brand that started up just with two vans and rented factory and has grown to become a strong and trustworthy materials handling equipment supplier in the country.

It was 1978, when George Fulston founded Ful-ton Forklifts. At the time, he was a mechanical engineer with 10 years of experience at Lansing Henley, a forklift manufacturer in East Kilbride (Scotland) so he decided it was the right timing to start on his own. With two vans and a bunch of prospective customer leads, he got its first big job for Barrs company to repair all its forklift fleet. Ful-ton has exponentially grown ever since and have combined its forklift work with philanthropic activities in Africa as well as supporting local football teams, such as Blantyre Victoria F.C. “They were great days” George Fulston remembers.

George looks back amazed at these forty years “I don’t know where the time went to, we have been very busy”. The Ful-ton founder assures that the key to success lays on hard work and honesty. That is how this owned-family business has built solid customer relationships along these decades. Finally, George remarked that the support of his wife, family and team was crucial to be where they are today.



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