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Demand for used forklifts higher during pandemic.

Used forklift dealership, Trucks Direct UK has reported an overall increase in the demand for material handling equipment during the pandemic.

With business changing in 2020 to keep up with the demand of online shopping and other logistical changes brought by COVID-19, Trucks Direct UK has recognised a sharp increase in demand for used forklifts. With the need to provide units with minimal downtime, businesses are choosing to look for reliable used dealerships so that they can benefit from fast turnaround rather than waiting for forklifts that they need urgently.

Company director, Tony Bellerby said: ‘’It is with great thanks to our business model and strong relationships in the industry that we have been able to purchase units fast to keep up with demand. Our trained team has been able to keep up with the demand whilst maintaining the same level of customer service our customers should expect.’’

With warehousing and logistics seeing increases in a number of industries, it is clear that electric forklifts are becoming the sought after units with Caterpillar, Hyster and Still forklifts providing the agility and lift capacity required. Articulated units are also seeing a lift in demand due to warehouse managers looking to maximise space on the floor.

It is positive to see that industries continue to thrive despite the concerns brought to us on an international scale.

As well as being there to help businesses purchase affordable forklifts during a time of genuine economic concern, Trucks Direct as also noticed that consumers are starting to show a growing interest in environmental factors. Not only have customers started to look at buying units with less carbon emissions, but they have also started asking about the general environmental impact certain units have. Trucks Direct always aim to stock forklifts that are both economical and environmentally friendly to run.

If you are in need of a forklift truck and cannot wait for the long manufacturing times associated with buying new, be sure to view Trucks Direct UK now.


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