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Hoppecke enhances customer service with new on-board innovations


Listening closely to its frontline engineering team has enabled Hoppecke Industrial Batteries to introduce two new innovations that will significantly enhance its mobile engineering support.

To cater for the needs of small to large fleets the company has introduced a range of water filling trolleys, now part of the standard equipment in its service vans. The battery-operated trolley provides top up water for up to three batteries and is easy to carry and store. Hoppecke also offers a smaller manually operated bottle for smaller fleets.

Having a topping trolley readily to hand during their regular service visits allows Hoppecke’s engineers to ensure that customers’ batteries are topped up regularly and correctly.

Says Hoppecke engineer Colin Williams, “It’s vital that forklift and warehouse equipment users adopt a topping up procedure to keep their batteries working properly, otherwise operating conditions will slow down the reaction of the wet chemistry, which will impact performance and lifespan of your batteries.

“We realised that customers weren’t always optimising topping up procedures so we suggested that problems could be averted if we had easy access to water filling trolleys. The simple solution is to carry them on our vans as part of the standard kit.”

Hoppecke has also equipped its service vans with two mobile chargers, offering key benefits to customers whose batteries require an emergency charge and in situations where chargers cannot be repaired. Access to a Hoppecke rental charger helps keep customer businesses operational when they might otherwise face costly equipment downtime.

Stuart Browne, Operations Director – Sales and Service at Hoppecke, attributes the successful innovations to the company’s strong engineer-customer relationships. In particular, he believes that actively encouraging Hoppecke’s technical team to discuss the difficulties that customers experience and take the lead in finding a cost-effective solution has made a big difference.

He adds: “These are two simple yet highly effective innovations that have come directly from our engineers. These guys are close to our customers and because they understand the day-to-day issues they’ve been able to come up with some really good ideas to help us improve our service support package.”

The mobile topping trolleys and rental chargers have enabled Hoppecke to improve service support and have been well-received by customers. Both initiatives are set to make a significant contribution to continued growth within the company’s service business, which doubled its turnover in just three years.


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