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Hawker unveils new lithium battery and inductive charger

The Flex Li3 is ideal for customers with multi-shift, heavy duty (higher than 160% throughput) operations with known maintenance issues and sensitivity to gassing. The new inductive charger will charge not only Hawker’s lithium battery but also its flooded and thin plate pure lead (TPPL) batteries. Offering rapid and wireless charging, the inductive charger will mean minimal-to-no downtime for customers. Using cloud technology, battery data is constantly collected and shared. Through cloud sharing, the customer will constantly receive real-time battery, charger and fleet analytics directly to their preferred means of notification, allowing them to take corrective actions if needed.

“Lithium ion has a very high energy density and is essentially maintenance-free, which is very advantageous for customers,” said Marty Srog, director of operations and marketing for Hawker. “When utilizing inductive charging, operators will not have to plug into a charger. There will be less required from the operator, making the whole package virtually maintenance free. As an added bonus, there will never be a need for connector replacements.”


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