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EnerSys to Offer Lithium-ion Options in NexSys Range

EnerSys to Offer Lithium-ion Options in NexSys Range

Motive power specialist EnerSys is set to introduce advanced lithium ion technology to its NexSys range of high-performance motive power batteries with the launch of NexSys iON™ battery systems in 2019. The expanded range will encompass both superior Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) and lithium ion batteries to offer customers a full spectrum of intelligent and flexible power options for their electric material handling vehicles.

For added peace of mind, NexSys iON batteries are designed to ISO26262 specifications, which equate to automotive lithium-ion battery safety levels. They employ multiple protective safety layers, an EnerSys – designed algorithm and a specially developed battery management system (BMS) based on ISO26262 ASIL C to achieve these high standards while avoiding adverse thermal events. Additionally, automotive-approved components are used in the construction of the batteries, bringing advanced safety benefits.

Meanwhile, the system design ensures safe, reliable and cost-effective operation for the long term. The batteries cells use NMC (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide) chemistry, which is one of the most advanced types currently available. It offers high energy density as well as excellent chemical stability. As the product of choice for electric vehicles (EVs), NMC also offers a more solid and reliable supply chain, combined with vast, industry-wide investment into R&D.

The EnerSys designed NexSys iON system allows customers to maximise the well-known benefits of lithium ion technology. These include no maintenance requirements, high cycle life and long calendar life (so a truck needs only a single lifetime battery), high energy density, fast recharge times and no gas emissions.

With this combination of unique features and lithium-ion benefits, NexSys iON represents an exciting opportunity. However, EnerSys does not offer it simply as a standalone solution. Instead, NexSys iON shares the NexSys brand as equal partners with the long-established TPPL offering. This is important, because, in many applications, advanced lead chemistry remains very competitive technically, and financially the best solution. Additionally, the chemistry enjoys a long history of productive, reliable performance within the motive power industry.


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