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Sterling delivers access special

Sterling delivers access special

Trailer and bodywork specialist Sterling GP has developed a beavertail plant body specifically for transporting powered access machinery.

The Sterling body supplied to Upward Powered Access provides both greater carrying capacity and faster loading.

Payload has been maximised by using high-tensile steels and folded steel sections. Full composite gridlock deck and Expamet mesh welded to the durbar toe sections of the ramp give maximum grip assisting efficient loading.  In addition, the Sterling beavertail slope and ramps are designed to achieve optimum loading angles and shallowest initial point of impact.

Sterling is an approved supplier of the Access Alliance, of which Upward Powered Access is a member.  Sterling GP sales executive Grant Owen said: “This project is another example of the synergy achieved from the Sterling and Access Alliance collaboration.  Feedback and input from the Alliance members such as Upward Powered Access enable our team here at Sterling GP to continually improve the product, specifically for companies transporting access machinery.”

Upward Powered Access manager Andy Bradberry said: “We were just about to place an order for a 32 tonne truck with another supplier when Grant called in to see us.  We told him what we required and within two days he had all the quotes we wanted so for the first time we placed the order with Sterling.  They gave us a date the truck would arrive and to their word it arrived on that day.  Full handover was done by Sterling and DAF, the truck was bang on the spec we wanted and we’re very pleased with what we received.”

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